12 Admirable Attributes of a Great Colleague

Have you ever thought about what attributes a great colleague possesses? Do you feel that you are a beacon of light within your business? Or are you able to identify the star colleague in your business at a simple glance?

We already know that most successful companies in the world have very engaged colleagues.

It’s also important to remember that colleagues need to be performing awesomely in order to have an amazing culture at work.

As a colleague, the first step is to enjoy your work and love what you do! Just keep in mind that workplace happiness is like everything else; you only get out what you put in.

So, let’s discover which 12 attributes make a great colleague:

1. Ambitious

A great colleague will always want to improve and have big goals.

2. Autonomous

A great colleague will have the ability to work on tasks by themselves but won’t be afraid to ask for help when they need to.

3. Humble

They are grounded and don’t get too arrogant.

4. Passionate

They have an incredible amount of passion for what they are doing and are eager to learn new skills.

5. Confident

Confident colleagues will contribute and make their voice heard, because they believe in themselves.

6. Honest

A great colleague always speaks the truth.

7. Creative

Great colleagues aren’t afraid to offer unique solutions.

8. Reliable

They are someone you can always count on, no matter what.

9. Generous

A great colleague is happy to share knowledge and skills with their team.

10. Positive

They will have a positive attitude, especially when times are tough.

11. Nurtures company culture

A great colleague will honour company culture and help to create a working environment where everyone is happy to come to work.

12. Considerate of others, always

A great colleague will think of others and the impact they are making on those around them.

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 Referenced from OfficeVibe.com