Top six team-building activities in your own office!

You might be thinking team-building days must be a ‘one-off event which most business can’t afford to splash finances on’ however it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

Top six team building activities in the office space

Why team-building? It’s important for your colleagues to work together in a relaxed and fun environment, to build trust amongst them and coordinate more effectively. Co-workers who are more comfortable and trust the company they work at are more likely to be productive and gain intelligence from their other colleagues to fix problems they might be having about a particular task or at work in general. Team-building activities also give colleagues events at work to look forward to and improve their organisational and communicational skills.

1. Prepare lunch together as a team.

Getting together to create a delicious meal with the whole team is not only a healthy and proactive way to build team spirit; it also allows everyone to enjoy harvesting their hard work together. A team manager can allow the team to prepare the list of office friendly dishes to be readied for the day and allocating individuals to bring specific ingredients and tools for cooking if needed. If budget allows, the company could provide the tools and ingredients used as well as beverages for the day. This activity can allow the colleagues to try something new that they might not have tried before and allows them to be more proactive to gaining new skills in life and at work.

To take up this challenge a step further, a theme could be selected for the lunch preparation task, such as a specific cuisine or a calendar event such as Chinese New Year or Eid Mubarak, which also helps to promote multi-culturalism.

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  1. 2. On-your-feet games within the office space.

A great way to build the team spirit in the office is to incorporate mini-games around the office which can entertain and relax the colleagues when the time is needed. Some of these text-book activities have proven to help staff to become more hands-on during work due to the nature of the activities.

One of these games include a Scavenger Hunt – where each employee has a sheet with a few fun and mundane tasks to complete before the timer ends and the first person to complete the tasks can win a prize. These tasks could involve things such as taking a selfie with a stranger, or draw a specific object in the building.

These kinds of activities can also help get people out of their cliques and help them interact with colleagues in other departments. has some great ideas for office games, click here to find out more.

  1. 3. Establish activity rooms for break/lunch hours.

A good way to help your colleagues bond together is giving them opportunities to bond outside of their usual work routines. Creating a small establishment at work for relaxing and multiplayer games for colleagues to use during their break and lunch hours can make your company a more approachable place to work and allow the colleagues to get out of their shells at work. This function room could be decorated with a pool table, darts or even a Wii console with multiplayer games and a television. Just bear in mind that all colleagues will be aware that the function room will only be available during set hours of the day and are subject to booking a day before if they were to be used. Some precautions should be in place to ensure everyone is contended.

Top six team building activities in the office space

4. Family activities day.

It is always a highlight, planning events to encourage employees and their families to take part together in enjoyable activities at the workplace. This can involve children, parents and any other family members your colleagues could bring to work. There are many activities which can appeal to different age groups, such as child and parent arts and craft sessions and bingo with teams of 4-6 for all round family fun. This kind of activity can help familiarise colleagues families with their work environment, introduce company values and purposes to a new audience and get them acquainted with their loved ones everyday life.

  1. 5. Invite guest speakers for motivation and interactive presentations.

If your colleagues have shared values and interests, a company could bring in a guest/motivational speaker who can help them to expand their horizons further in their careers, lives and other interests. With refreshments and fun activities during the speakers’ presentations, it’s an activity that is fail-proof and bound to go down well.

  1. 6. Establish clubs for after work activities.

Further improving colleagues bonds and team working, it is possible that the workplace could arrange for package deal gym memberships which are usually available for individuals who are interested in regular sporting activities outside of work, to encourage a more healthy and active lifestyle amongst the workers. This is a great way for your colleagues to stay connected out of work and work up a sweat after a day of working at their desks.

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