Levy – The Funding Bands

All new and existing Apprenticeship Standards and Frameworks will be placed into 15 funding bands. This will apply to both levy paying and non-levy paying employers.

Employers can negotiate the price of their Standard or Framework with their training provider. This price can fall above or below the ‘Band Upper Limit’ set by the Government for that particular Apprenticeship.

The ‘Band Upper Limit’ is the highest amount that public funds can be used towards Apprenticeship training. For example:

  • A levy paying company can use its funds up to the band upper limit;
  • A non-levy paying employer can draw ‘co-investment’ up to the band upper limit.

If employers want to spend more than the upper band limit then this must be done so using their own money.

The table below shows the proposed funding bands. The steps between bands are smaller at the bottom of the range as this is where the majority of Apprenticeships are concentrated.

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